At Taxi Malaysia, we look forward to serve the diverse transportation requirements in an efficient and reliable way. We are not afraid of going behind the traditional service, yes we also provide you with specialized and custom services in affordable packages if you need. If you are in need of easily accessible and paratransit transportation including shuttle, and much more, we are your perfect choice.

Taxi Malaysia Service is a full service company, which services your need 24 x 7 all year around. But why you should choose us? Well, let the following answer that bit on our behalf!

Airport Transportation
Night in the Town
Corporate Events
Hotel Escorts
Sight Seeing
Shopping Trips
Door to Door Services
Professionally Trained Staff
The Largest Operational Fleet in Malaysia
We understand that travelling is nothing less than a headache. Well, our aim is to simplify your experience. The Taxi Malaysia Service aims to do that with its innovative transportation service and the best amenities anyone will ever offer in the whole area. Our Basic Packages are explained as following:

Business Travel

Are you here for some business Purpose? The fact is, Malaysia isn’t only rich in culture, it has also become a business hub and we try to entertain the needs people who appreciate this fact. Let us offer you a luxury and lavish experience as we take care of all your travel needs. With Taxi Malaysia, you travel around in style.

Personal Travel

What are you planning? Well, it can be anything. A sightseeing trip to the rich in culture country, a holiday, an escape from your daily routine and what else. To be honest, we don’t care about that. Our only priority is to make sure you have a comfortable travelling experience. For this purpose, we are going to handle all your transportation details ensuring you a safe experience. Therefore, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your ride.


Despite whatever the occasion is, we handle all your transportation needs without a hitch. We do it with utmost professionalism and care to make sure your experience is not a forbidden one. Have us at your side and make your nights worry free.

We like to remind that you our services are not only limited to this. To get you a taste of what we can deliver, following are a few names:

Airport Shuttle
Hotel Transport
Shopping Trip
Sight Seeing
Business Travel and much more

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